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The NFPA was formed in late 2007 with the vision of creating a club that had the following criteria. It had to be affordable, easily accessible and have a highly visible presence to all members of the community in South Africa; as well as by international organisations and individuals engaged in the sport of exhibiting the “perfect” fancy pigeon, a sport that requires dedication, skill, avian knowledge and lots of patience. To this end, the club decided to stage exhibitions and shows in popular shopping malls and venues where it would be visible to a high volume of people traffic.

In April 2008 we were formally accepted as members of SANPO, the South African National Pigeon Association; and as affiliated members of the W.P. Sports Council making us the first and only Fancy Pigeon organisation to be officially recognized in the Sport Code – Fancy Pigeons.

During May 2008 we staged the first ever fancy pigeon exhibition at Cape Town’s premium tourist destination -The V & A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The Sport of Fancy Pigeons

The Sport of Fancy Pigeons can be described as the selective breeding of the various breeds of fancy pigeons to get as close to an internationally recognized and accepted breed standard. The primary purpose of a breed standard is to guide the breeder in his quest to produce uniform birds that most nearly resemble the ideal pigeon in its specified breed. This standard is used to guide those persons who have been chosen to judge birds at fancy pigeon shows to render consistent evaluation of each pigeon breed. There are more than 600 different pigeon breeds worldwide. Each pigeon breed is judged on a points system.

Therefore the competitiveness in the sport of exhibiting fancy pigeons is a combination of effort in the breeders’ lofts and the exhibition of the final result of his or her efforts at the fancy pigeon shows

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