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Notice to the public regarding
Lost Racing and Fancy pigeons

For The Love of Pigeons

The South African National Pigeon Organisation, (SANPO), and the National Fancy Pigeon Association, (NFPA), support the responsible care and relocation of lost racing and fancy pigeons.

The Public is advised to please notify the relevant Racing or Fancy Pigeon Club regarding lost pigeons by visiting the following websites, or calling the following telephone numbers, to report the lost pigeon by following the prompts to report the lost pigeon, or click on “Contact Us” on the website and then follow the prompts to send an email to the pigeon club.

Useful websites:

What to do when you find a lost pigeon

  • Secure the bird and note down the identification details from the leg-band, (ring).
  • Put the bird in a warm quiet place in a cage or a cardboard box that can be closed but plenty of air holes must be cut in the box and there should be enough light so that the bird can see its water and food.
  • Provide drinking water - An open container, e.g. an old margarine container tub, will be fine.
  • The Pigeon will eat popcorn (maize), rice, split peas, barley, buckwheat (kasha), canary seed, etc.
  • Keep sick pigeons away from any other domestic birds you have.
  • Report the lost pigeon by making contact as indicated in this notice with the details on the leg-band, (ring).

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