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National Show Information for Members 2016



Athlone Civic Centre

Member Information

All members have been invited to participate in this our Annual Pigeon Extravaganza. Members must ensure that their birds are well prepared for the show and are free of pests. Poorly conditioned birds will not be judged.
REMEMBER…your birds must be vaccinated and certified. *

Members from out of town must arrange their own accommodation. If you have any challenges please feel free to contact any of the Executive Members for assistance.

Please ensure that you use the correct CLASS Numbers for your entries.
(Check the Show Schedule.)

If you are uncertain, please phone any Executive Member to assist you.

Members declare that all entries are their bona fide property and bind themselves to honour all Show Rules of the NFPA and accept that the Judges decisions are final and binding.

Show Details





11.07.2016   Mon

10h00 – 18h00

Setup of Hall and D้cor

Show Manager & his Team involved.

12.07.2016   Tues

12h00 – 18h00

Penning of Pigeons

Exhibitors pen their pigeons.

13.07.2016   Wed

08h00 – 10h00

Penning of Pigeons

Completion of Penning of Pigeons.


10h00 – 18h00

Commencement of Judging of Pigeons

Panel of Judges will judge.





14.07.2016 Thurs

08h00 – 15h00

Completion of Judging of Pigeons

Panel of Judges will judge.


15h00 – 18h00

Public Viewing

Free Entry to Public.

15.07.2016     Fri

08h00 – 17h00

Public Viewing

Free Entry to Public.


17h00 – 21h00

Braai: Free for Members who have entered birds.

Braai costs R40 pp.

16.07.2016     Sat

08h00 – 17h00

Public Viewing

Free Entry to Public.


09h00 – 11h00

AGM – Juniors will supervise in Show Hall.

All members must attend.


19h00 – 00h00

Awards Ceremony for Members & Dignitaries

Turfall Community Hall.

17.07.2016     Sun

08h00 – 09h00

Removal of Pigeons

Members must be present person.

Pigeons to be removed upon decision

of the Show Manager


09h00 – 14h00

Dismantling Show Hall

Show Manager & his Team involved


Shows and Events

Fancy Pigeon Shows and similar provide an opportunity to meet our new members and to promote our organisation and sport and ultimately to determine who has the best birds in their respective categories. More importantly it is an opportunity where like-minded individuals discuss their common interests – the fancy pigeons! Events such school presentations provide an educational window to the world of fancy pigeons.

Visitors and family members are always welcome at our shows and events; afterall this is a family sport – Take a look here to see our photo gallery.


For more information, entry requirements, entry forms or to inform us of shows and events in your region click here to contact us.


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